Discover Catalog Builder, the new solution by ContentWise Showroom that improves the digital catalog enrichment workflow.

The digital catalog represents a crucial touchpoint fashion brands have with their digital shoppers. But, despite its importance, catalog creation is still a manual process that takes considerable time. 

Information is scattered in several organizations, systems, and documents. Editors and copywriters have to scout data from different departments to manually tag and describe products.

On average, it is estimated that the window from availability to ready-to-sell products is routinely somewhere between 60 and 120 days.

AI can help e-commerce teams to reduce the time to market and display coherent and meaningful tags and descriptions following the brand tone of voice.

Catalog Builder, the new solution by ContentWise Showroom, automates error-prone and time-consuming tasks to streamline the catalog enrichment workflow.

Download the presentation to check out Catalog Builder and how it can improve your digital catalog creation process.