Are your achieving maximum viewer engagement? Data-driven answers to 5 UX personalization questions.

We often must ask ourselves if our expectations of users behavior correctly reflect reality. As data processing, machine learning and analytics experts, our bias is to trust data.

In this white paper, we share our findings from research we conducted on real production data from major OTT TV operators to analyze the effect of user interface personalization on engagement KPIs.

Does changing the position of a TV series or movie in the UI affect views, ratings, and engagement? Does the order in which carousels are presented in the UI affect their conversion rate? Can we use machine learning to isolate clusters of users that respond to UI personalization from those who are indifferent?


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Customer Understanding

ContentWise captures shopping data, customer journey data and contextual data and preferences to create a personal taste profile of each customer and adapt merchandising and offers.


Concierge-Like Personalization

UX Engine changes every element of the page and the product mix based on individual tastes and personal style. ContentWise creates millions of unique style profiles to create individualized looks, bundles and promotions.


Low-Friction Experience

ContentWise predicts a customer’s likely journey and re-organizes browsing to create the most direct path to what each particular customer is looking for.


Higher Loyalty & Frequency

ContentWise natively supports a number of shopping and campaign use cases that increase customer loyalty.