Discover ContentWise Showroom - the innovative AI solution for fashion and apparel digital retail.

Customer experience has always been a top priority for retail and fashion brands in physical stores. Shop assistants are constantly trained to delight customers as they cross the store’s entrance.

However, replicating the same level of attention online is difficult, despite its uncontested importance, especially post-pandemic.

To elevate fashion e-commerce customer experience, we focus on AI and technology to create:

  • a fine-grained, clean, and complete catalog;
  • a precise and detailed customers profile.

ContentWise Showroom is the fashion AI solution that helps digital merchandising teams and e-commerce leaders simplify and automate complex and error-prone tasks, delivering uniquely personalized shopping experiences at scale.

Download the presentation and find out how automation and AI can help digital shoppers to navigate fashion e-commerce and find what they want the moment they want it.