Discover CX Personalizer, the new solution by ContentWise Showroom that creates engaging digital shopping experiences.

Digital shoppers expect a curated online experience based on their tastes, preferences, and intent. With the several products fashion e-commerces usually carry, it becomes crucial to streamline the navigation and simplify the shopping journey.

However, every customer is different, and a bare demographic segmentation is not enough for today's standards. Brands need intimate customer knowledge that considers interests, aspirations, and styles to display real-time an adaptive user interface to match shoppers' crave.

With 59% of web visitors that frequently use the internal search engine to navigate a website, deep customer knowledge is necessary to display individual search results.

AI technology can help fashion e-commerces to provide a uniquely personalized shopping journey at every digital touchpoint.

CX Personalizer matches customers' tastes, personal styles, and intent to engage, delight, and assist customers in their online shopping experience.

Download the presentation to check out CX Personalizer's capabilities to design unique and interactive digital experiences.