Customers are increasingly demanding, even expecting, easier, faster, and compelling ways to access content, while myriads of streaming operators are offering more and more of it. These are the driving forces behind the emergence of super aggregators. 


Competitive differentiation depends on operators’ ability to overcome several challenges, finding the right balance between customer demand, technology constraints and business-related goals. Some service providers are still falling short of delivering what users truly crave.


Based on our experience at the nexus of user experience management for some of the world’s largest TV services, we identified the three critical building blocks that super aggregators must put in place to ensure user satisfaction, stickiness, and engagement.


In this executive guide you will discover more about:

1. What Super Aggregators must do to win consumers and differentiate from competitors.

2. What is still missing today to make customers engaged, loyal, and satisfied.

3. The 3 building blocks operators need to build a winning super aggregation UX strategy.

4. How ContentWise helps operators become successful super aggregators.