The ContentWise and Vionlabs technologies together to uplift video streaming operators' business performances


In an overcrowded video industry driven by technology and innovation, leveraging a rich set of metadata is the starting point for a personalized experience. That impacts UX KPIs and differentiates streaming providers from incumbents.

With catalogs of thousands of contents sometimes it is difficult to uniformly enrich every item with a deep and standardized set of metadata.


The partnership of ContentWise and Vionlabs aims to fill this gap, automatically creating content fingerprints and then personalizing the experience with real-time page adaptation to users’ preferences.

What is the benefit that you can derive from this partnership?

We ran a detailed experiment that simulates streaming video environments based on the MovieLens dataset and measures accuracy and catalog coverage variation.

Download the 2-pages flyer to discover the results we have achieved thanks to ContentWise and Vionlabs combined AI technologies.