After a decade of investment, recommendation systems are now mainstream, but a higher level of personalization is needed to offer 1-to-1 bespoke user experience beyond the simplistic recommended-for-you approach.


In this white paper, we outline how a fully integrated and open solution that orchestrates all aspects of service personalization and that is capable of integrating any third-party and custom use cases, meets today’s UX personalization requirements.


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1. How you can deliver an engaging and tailored experience to millions of users at scale and in real-time, thanks to a data-driven, AI-powered UX personalization platform.

2. The path to adaptable services and smart UX design to deploy and orchestrate the whole range of content personalization use cases and all the content containers.

3. The value of combining the ability to easily define new and innovative user experiences with an open and extensible framework.

4. How the orchestration of personalized user experiences enhances, and fits into, today's service delivery platform ecosystems.