Linear TV must evolve.

Today, AI, social media, streaming technology, and automation create an extraordinary opportunity to create infinite personalized channels to democratize all types of content and topics and serve them to the right audiences at the right time.

Static linear channels are now becoming content streams, thanks to Personalized Linear Channels, a new channel format with a deep granularity that delivers a next-gen lean-back experience, designed for the rapidly growing fast business model.

ContentWise Personalized Linear Channels solution is the beginning of a new era of linear TV, where Pay TV, Broadcasters, and streaming service providers can automatically create localized, thematic, niche, and hyper-personalized "ForYou" channels, with adaptive scheduling based on users' or household tastes and habits.

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Key Use Cases

  • Thematic Channels
    Enjoy a new stream of revenue and engagement by creating channels around specific topics or pop-up channels for major events to delight all audiences.
  • Localized Channels
    Build region-specific channels related to communities, local sports, news, and events based on interests and content rights.
  • Sports Fan Channels
    Immerse the sports fan into a personalized video streaming experience with personalized feeds for users’ favorite teams, sports, athletes, or competitions.
  • Channels ForYou
    Create a brand new channel or personalize the schedule, constantly adapting the TV lineup for every user on every service's channel.