Myths of TV User Engagement and Personalization

In this talk Mario Scriminaci, VP Product Management & Research at ContentWise, shares key findings from research we conducted on real production data.


What Works and What Doesn’t in Multiscreen UX Personalization for Broadcast, OTT and Pay TV.

Does changing the position of a TV series or movie in the UI affect views, ratings, and engagement? Does the order in which carousels are presented in the UI affect their conversion rate? Can we use machine learning to isolate clusters of users that respond to UI personalization from those who are indifferent?

The traditional television User Experience is Broken. 

Typical TV UI solutions still rely on flat lists, drill-down, excessive scrolling and one-size-fits-”some” approaches.

We set out to use real production data from a major OTT TV operator to analyze how various  approaches to personalizing the user interface impact engagement KPIs.