Webinar recording

For streaming video operators, loyal and satisfied customers are pivotal for growth: a personalized experience is crucial to meet audiences’ expectations as they navigate through countless platforms.

But it does not end here: a personalized UX has a direct impact on the bottom line, unlocks new revenue drivers, and reduces costs.

In this webinar recording, co-hosted by Bitmovin, Renato Bonomini, VP of Global PreSales at ContentWise, explores how you can build a framework to estimate the economics and ROI of your personalization journey.


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Along with personalization, different aspects impact customer experiences, such as unknowns and unclear errors: the monetary impact of these errors on SVOD and AVOD streaming services can be significant.

Enjoy Bitmovin’s Product Marketing Manager, Katy Oberdiek, and Product Manager Analytics, Christoph Prager, discussing the Cost of Errors in the world of video streaming. The webinar recording explores how to prevent errors with granular analytics data so that you can take the next step to create the perfect user experience.