Media and entertainment operators have long realized that personalization and user experience design are essential to a modern and successful streaming TV brand.


With UX personalization and orchestration becoming key factors in determining business outcomes, some operators have signaled the intent to “insource” the development of personalization technology.

Build or buy? The decision process is fraught with industry-wide misconceptions about investment levels, cost savings, data control, IP ownership and more.

The objective of this paper is to provide context and to reflect on key points to help industry leaders make that decision. The 8 questions we focus on are designed to guide you through the build vs buy decision process, with hints and insights that will help you make the decision that works best with your business.


In this white paper you will discover:

1. What are the insourcing trends in the media and entertainment field.

2. Why it would be best for you not to build a solution in-house.

3. The justifications that M&E companies give to support the decision of building the solution in-house.

4. What are the right questions to do before making a decision.