How do you know if your user experience personalization strategy is working?
How do you measure the effectiveness of content recommendations?


Thanks to almost two decades of experience building UX personalization systems for streaming, OTT, pay TV, and digital media brands, we have developed an intimate understanding of AI-driven personalization analytics and how it correlates to business outcomes.

Read this white paper where our experts outline the 7 KPIs, and their proxies, that should be at the foundation of every UX performance measurement strategy.


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1. Why the simplistic deployment of the single "recommended for you" use cases falls short and which are the benefits of an end-to-end
data-driven bespoke personalization strategy.

2. The 7 essential key performance indicators of a UX performance measurement strategy and their correlation with business outcomes.

3. The most critical short- and
long-term metrics that can help
service owners drive their digital personalization strategy and
increase customer lifetime value.

4. How ContentWise helps operators navigate the complexity of modern personalization strategies through metadata management and analytics technologies.